Infotechnologist - Testimonials

Infotechnologist - Testimonials

44 Testimonials are listed below. Most of which can be verified on my
LinkedIn Profile Account. I can provide many more Recommendations/Testimonials upon request.

Mike Abell

Joyel performed some of the final tweeks that were needed on my website before it opened. He also constructed my online store. This was all done with very high quality using an extremely short turnaround time which I appreciated. Joyel also required very little supervision and oversight which is extremely important given my schedule. I would use him again for this type of work

Roxane Small

Joyel has been a great supporter of my efforts and career growth. He has provided insight along with prompt and valuable responses to my requests and inquiries. I find him to be a valuable consulting resource as well as a reliable source of advice and business intelligence. I highly recommend him.

Fletcher Maddox

Although Joyel is an extremely busy professional, yet he still finds time to assist other professions with networking. I had sent Joyel a request to be connected to another one of his contacts, and his response was extremely prompt. It is people like Joyel who make a difference and help others keep in touch and build new contacts. Thanks Joyel!

Nemanja Indjic

Joyel Puryear is a reference for me. His constant quest to learn, adapt and apply the lessons professionals demonstrate his ability to be an individual contributor and active participant in any team. Anyone who work alongside Joyel will confirm the quality of work that provides the positive attitude and consistent. Thank you, Joyel! Keep up the good work at Infotechnologist.

David Kathman

Joyel is highly creative and a very easy-going person to work with. Within the LinkedIn community, I have seen many examples of his work. You will find Joyel makes a great addition to your team! It is an honor for me to recommend and endorse him.

Jeanne Lacroix

Great to be part of Joyel's trusted network! Always a pleasure to be professionally associated with a consummate professional of great caliber! Highly recommend to all others. Thank you.

Mike Smitty

Joyel did an exceptional job on the recent project. Joyel is a detail oriented, innovative and careful perfectionist - his ideas, skills, creativity and understanding of change requests made the project a dream. He has an extensive knowledge, and his open-minded approach could not be overestimated. He denotes a strong experience in areas such as Information Technology and Services.

Jamal Sediq

Joyel has been a pleasure to work with. He's been building a complex fantasy sports website for my company this year and we've been pleased and excited by his work output. He is easy to get along with and creative in his approach to programming and project execution.

Allesandro Mastronardi

If you need something done you simply need to work with Joyel. Working with him the last two years has been of a tremendous value for my business. Those guys dont mess around.

I now do business with fantastic group of people, which do what need to be done and when it need to be done without me constantly controlling everything - and that is invaluable.

Heck it's more likely that they will correct MY errors!

Richie Selino

Joyel was part of the team that developed an internet-based monitoring our mining operations. It improved our productivity and I would also say that it somehow improved our safety systems.

Laura Tisdale

We asked Joyel to create for us an interactive website where a potential customer can upload her full body shot image, choose from among the clothes and accessories from the online store and get to see how the customer will look like 'wearing' all the chosen items. It was awesome! Great sales generator too.

Pocholo Amati

We quickly needed to convert 10 PSD images into Wordpress themes. And Joyel provided the themes in record time. The themes worked perfectly well and were very professionally done.

William Martins

Truly remarkable work. Solely looking at their portfolio made me confident. Plus Joyel is such a pleasurable person to work with. Cant go wrong with these guys! If you need a website for your business - you just found the right place.

Brenda Magness

Joyel was hired to repair a web tool we use on our real estate web site. Three other programmers were unable to get it working over a 6 month period. Joyel found the issue within a day and had it working in the time frame promised for the price agreed. He was flexible on payment terms, honest with costs, and someone I would highly recommend for web site tool repair and development."

Evita Tiegs

It goes without saying that I'd recommend Joyel highly to anyone looking for expertise in website and mobile website design, app design and mobile marketing. Joyel has high integrity and is committed to giving clients the best advice for their budget. Above all, Joyel really knows his stuff and is great to work with - a real asset to any business or agency looking to develop brands digitally.

Vickey Stollings

It goes without saying that Joyel is a highly competent and knowledgeable web-designer. But importantly for me, it's his ability to collaborate and provide ideas and solutions that makes the difference in terms of the creativity, behind the scenes technology and web optimization. Ultimately he's a strategist as well as a creative, which ultimately means the websites he produces have the end-user at heart.

Betsy Aracely

Joyel is a first class web designer producing some of the highest quality designs I have had the pleasure of seeing. Each design is a new idea rather than just a re-hash of the same old template.

His online portfolio blew me away, and it was clear that his attention to detail was more than just being 'good at his job' - but a genuine passion for crafting digital spaces.

His technical prowess and concentration levels are unsurpassed. Mix that with a great, friendly personality and you have a great web consultant that you won't regret having on your team.

Wade Munroe

Joyel is an exceptionally competent developer able to contribute very quickly to a project. Hands on experience on multiple platforms (especially mobile) and OS allowed him to solve critical issues. The former combined with extensive knowledge of Web technologies (HTML5/CSS3) along with testing methodologies makes him a genuine Web Application engineer. Joyel's work ethic and enthusiasm is also remarkable.

Tonie Hotz

Joyel Puryear is an expert in web media design & development and carries excellent skills in user interface. He is versatile when it comes to managing any web interface and carries good knowledge in HTML, JavaScript, W3C, web 2.0, and SEO. Joyel seems to have the answer to all problems. I highly recommend Joyel has highly experienced web professional who is hard working and very sincere in his efforts.

Jennifer Eddinger

I hired Joyel to create an online directory for me. He's helped me so much through this process, which is completely new to me. He answers my questions in no time. He's patient, focused, and helpful. I trust him and know that my site is in good hands. I highly recommend this man!

Jonny Butler

Joyel is a great asset to any team or project. He was in charge of developing all Javascript effects used on our projects. He was efficient, communicated well, and paid close attention to details. Always willing to learn and be a team player. I'd recommend Joyel to anyone looking for backend development of any kind.

Bill Van Horne

Joyel is a diligent coder who strives to give his client what he needs. He takes pride in his work, and stands behind what he does until the client is satisfied.

Mike Scearce

Joyel is a programmer who stands behind his work and will make sure your program is working how you need it to work. I have had him fix several broken websites with server side code that broke when Internet Explorer upgraded for my client systems. I have also had him consult on scripting, PHP and MySQL database repair and publishing.

Scott Jarvis

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“I highly recommend Joyel as he did a great rush job for me recently and followed the challenge through to the finish. Joyel was able to work around a problem my other developer was unable to fix. He is very thorough and knows how to ask the right questions to trouble shoot the problems. Joyel was easy to communicate with and was available via phone, email and Skype which I truly appreciated. I'm happy to recommend him to my colleagues for future web development work.

Sifer Aseph, Student, City University of New York

I requested some consulting from Joyel. He gave me satisfactory consulting.

Laura Holzer

Joyel- Did an amazing job on my website! He communicated well and delivered a user friendly, crisp, clean website! I would highly recommend him.

M.J. Daswani

Joyel is pleasure to work with on projects. Not only is he thorough and concise on the objectives, but he will not proceed with a task unless he is 100% clear on what a customer is looking for. He has a great team of co-workers that deliver positive and time sensible work. It's a pleasure to work with him as he is very up-to-date on state-of-the-art software and technologies. He is honest and very professional. I would recommend him to anyone interested in creating a web presence, increasing online traffic, and maintaining a good marketable website.

Val Borsack

We asked Joyel to create our company's website and he has been committed and efficient since we hired him. He even offered to do a second website for a charity we wanted to create on the house. Great guy, great ethics, great web designer. We were very fortunate to find him.

Kristen Eichmann

Joyel delivers high value work at a reasonable cost. He is very responsive and has excellent communication skills to keep you updated on the project at hand.

Mark Messing

Joyel has been great since day 1. We chose him out of hundreds of web designers because of his very affordable rates and his excellent portfolio. We hope to work with Joyel for a long time. He even offered to do a free charity website for us!

Marc Brewer

Joyel is great with providing customized database solutions. It really takes someone who really in-depth programming/database knowledge to create seamless solutions for our customers. We depend on our web database developed by Joyel to serve tens of thousands of consumers annually.

Alex Meyer

We have worked with Joyel for some time on an increasingly complex web application and site. We have continuously come at him with many changes and new directives regarding the engine. He has never balked, complained, or requested any further compensation beyond the original agreement. I believe he will see any project through to the end with careful attention to the client's needs and a dedication to getting things perfect. He is fair and honest and I know that we plan to work with him in the future.

Adam Sweinhart

Joyel has hired me for clerical and research work, and has taught me several things about programming. He will work with a customer until their specifications are met, if not above and beyond their expectations.

Jennifer Verstreken

I contacted Joyel when I was at my wits end with a seemingly simple task within a popular, mainstream software. With mere weeks before my completing my thesis presentation for my triple master in business, nursing, and health care administration, I was road blocked and in tears. Joyel responded within 2 (yes, 2) minutes of my request for services and had a working product returned to me within 2 hours. For this grad student, Joyel was a life saver....and he will remain on my speed dial until my diploma is in hand.

Mindy H

I have worked with Joyel on 3 very large projects, and a few small projects. He has been a pleasure to work with. Each project was done quickly, efficiently, and with very high quality. I intend to continue working with him for years to come.

Cody Perkerson

Cody hired you as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2010
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time
“I hired Joyel as a web developer. I hired him to build my site He is almost finished with it. So far, he has done a great job, he is very reasonable on time and prices. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. Great person to hire. I highly recommend him.

Ray Barnes, Chief Animator, Pixel Trope Digital Video

Joyel is a talented self taught worker who swarms a technical project with limitless energy and an original outlook. In my experience he brings em in on time and often with unexpectedly innovative perks that improve on the original objectives. Plays well with others, and can be expected to outperform expectations.

James Jowitt

Joyel is fantastic at what he does. I hired him to help with a project and got it done quickly and professionally at a great price. I definitely will be using him again on many more projects to come. I highly recommend him.

Shannon Ambler, Program Execution Manager, AT&T Mobility

Joyel is working on 2 big project for me. His communication skills and understanding is what prompted me to use his services. I also admired his work. I hope to do many future projects with him. I would definitely recommend his services.

Abtin Shahrvini

Joyel is a great guy and a great programmer. We had him set up the systems for our website and things turned out greatly. He emails back quickly and has things done on the correct deadline. I recommend using him for any system or website that you need.

Jerry Gaspas

Working with Joyel has been a pleasure. He has the knowledge of the technology to develop and support website development and support. Joyel has done an excellent job of communicating project expectations with realistic time frames. It is good to see old fashioned values, competitive pricing and follow through while meeting the Timeline we agreed upon.

Rick Thomas

Joyel is a very talented programmer. I have worked with Joyel on several different projects. He is a natural problem solver. When faced with a challenge he has the skill, experience, and drive to get the job done regardless of the situation. I will continue to call Joyel whenever I run into a problem that I can't solve on my own.

Porter Neilson

When looking for a someone to do code work for my website I was looking for quality, I was looking for someone who would do the job right and work with me. Joyel fit the bill perfectly. He was in constant communication with me through out the project, worked with me to make sure I could get the essential parts of my website implemented while still staying within budget, and came with a lifetime guarentee behind all of his work. When he delivered the final product, it was clean, elegant, and wonderful; and fit my needs perfectly. Joyel is a professional, and if you need professional solutions I encourage you to talk to him and see if his services are right for you.

Christopher Glascoe

I have worked with Joyel for six months. He is a very talented programmer. His ability to customize programs created value for our project and our customers. His capabilities are well rounded. Joyel is one of the most efficient programmers I have worked with. I appreciate his commitment to his clients.

Brian Holt

I hired Joyel to help me develop an idea for a forum. I had the idea in my head, but really no knowledge about the nuts and bolts of implementing the site. Joyel was very helpful in helping me define what it was I wanted to build and basically created the site from concept to completion. In addition, he has been more than willing to assist in site upkeep and had provided continuing support while the site has been live. I would definitely recommend Joyel for any web related project one may need done, his integrity and honesty has been refreshing to find in this day and age.

Carolyn Schiffour

Joyel Puryear is a creative, dependable and well organized web developer. I found him to be easy to work with and very helpful. He fulfilled all his obligations in record time and created a website for me that is very functional and lovely.

Ben Bibikov

I hired Joyel to do some coding for me because he was knowledgeable and his price was reasonable, but I must say the job he has done was more than I expected. He communicated with me every step of the way and took the time and effort to complete the project with no bugs and problems. I would recommend others out there to hire Joyel if they need professional, high quality code written for them.

Steve Knapp

It was such a pleasure recently working with Joyel as our Internet Consultant. He has greatly exceeded our expectations in the needs of our web site. Joyel is very attentive, professional and easy to work with... he takes his role as Web Consultant very seriously and doesn't hesitate to provide his professional suggestions for a better end result, rather than simply following our "uneducated" plan of action. He has definitely earned his spot as our go-to guy for our web needs. We are so thrilled with Joyel that we would confidently recommend him to anyone who could benefit from his services.

Gary Ray

Joyel is one of the best website designers I know. Constantly working hard at his craft and always very knowledgeable. I constantly rely on him for his advice and his skill.

Christopher Deis

We were recently past deadline on a project and needed some script modified for a website. Somehow we lucked across Joyel and asked for his input. He quickly identified the flaws and additions required to get our project finished. He completed the work in record time and we could not have been more pleased. He treated our project like it was his number one priority and set us at ease with his thorough and timely communications. We have since asked Joyel to assist on a few other projects and plan on using his expertise in scripting and PHP to help meet the demanding needs of our clients.

Mark Cressman

I worked with Joyel on the development of a website for our new office. After having dealt with several other web site developers over the years it was a breath of fresh air to deal with Joyel. He was very professional, honest and straightforward about the upfront costs and time which would be associated with the developing of our site. His work product was very professional and his insights into building the website was greatly appreciated when we were unsure of how the content should be placed on the sight. In the end, there were NO hidden fees and he was able to complete the work we requested in the time frame we requested. I would highly recommend Joyel's services for any website development needs.

Tom Kelly

The Info Technologist (Joyel Puryear) responded rapidly to our initial inquiry regarding programming and transcription services. Since our initial contact, we've had several projects completed on a timely basis at a fair price.
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