Hire Me

Hire Me

It's hard to just hire a new IT guy to handle your IT work. It doesn't help matters, that most clients come from situations where they have been used by previous developers in the past. I won't treat you that way, and I have a lot of proof of my abilities and expertise, I am not even sure where to start.

Main Reasons

The main reasons I think I would be a great fit for your project are listed below in a very simple to read bullet list of some of my strong points that I can bring to the table, or things that show that I know my way around the IT industry.

  • 30+ Portfolio items (Many more available upon request)
  • 24 Linkedin Recommendations.
  • 24+ Testimonials (Many more available upon request)
  • Extensive resume linked at the top of the page
  • My prices are fair.
  • My work is high quality.
  • My skills are cutting edge
  • I can provide more references than you are able to realistically contact.
  • I try my hardest to be fair, honest, and straightforward with all of my clients.


I have a great deal of "Evidence" attesting to my abilities. A huge list of testimonials, a ton of linked in recommendations (Which I could easily increase by 20 very quickly with my current client base), several different portfolio pages with very detailed portfolio breakdowns, and case studies.

You can view any of my 3 portfolios below.

1. My detailed web site portfolio is located Here.
2. If you want my main web site portfolio without all the words, and details..then you can see a simple gallery breakdown of the same items by
clicking Here. On top of that, I partner with a variety of graphic designers to handle my graphic needs, and work with me to ensure your project reaches it's best level...you can view part of my graphic design portfolio Here

Supportive Links

Contact Box

Phone: 404-939-0637
Skype: joyel.puryear
LinkedIn: Here
Facebook: Here