Case Studies

Case Studies

I provide a large range of services. One of them, being heavy programming. Programming (at it's nature) is hard to show in a "portfolio". I have a graphic design, and web development portfolio, but previously had no real way of showing off my programming skills. So I have setup a section of the website to deal with case studies and scenario explanations. Essentially these are a list of clients that I have had in the past, adn things I have done for them to help their company grow..and provide real value for their company through my programming services. These test cases have been listed below, each going to their respective page and explaining what value some of these companies have gained through my skill set, and my programming services.

The project case studies I have written have been listed below, and each link goes to it's respective (more detailed) page.

1. SS - Case Study
2. Seo Tools - Case Study

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